July 8, 2024
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Gender Sensitization Cell

It consists of the following members:

S. No.Members NameMob. No.Email
1.     Dr. Naveen Kumar9887629777bhasu.barsar@gmail.com
2.     Mr. Ajay8875778877jagdeep2991@gmail.com
3.     Ms. Sushila9521504979sharmaastha96@gmail.com
4.     Ms. Suman9352200686Nehapoonia52@gmail.com


The following are the functions of the Gender Sensitization Cell.


  1. To receive complaints if any, from the lady staff and lady students who have been subject to sexual harassment.
  2. To keep all records intact and in proper order of the complaints received
  3. To enquire into such complaints and establish the facts.
  4. To keep an elaborate process document of each and in such case describing the methods adopted and the settlement research in solving the problem.

Dr. Jitendra

Typically replies within Ten minutes