May 24, 2024
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 Placement and Career Guidance Cell


It consists of the following members:







1.     Mr. Bhaskar BarsarPrincipal
2.     Mr. Sourabh Singh RajawatLecturer
3.     Ms. Jitendra KumawatLecturer
4.      Mr. Vishal ShirwaLecturer


The following are the functions of the Training and Placement Committee.


  1. To help the T & P Officer to maintain contacts with alumni.
  2. To help the T & P Officer to organize the various processes like written test, group discussion, interviews, H.R. Interviews when the companies come to the campus for placement.
  3. To organize activities aimed at improving Institute- Industry Interaction.
  4. To coordinate the soft skills training programs of the respective departments.

Dr. Jitendra

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