April 16, 2024
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Our Vision :

SS College, Chirawa is a safe, friendly, accessible environment where all students and community members may optimize their academic, career, and cultural development. The mission of S S College is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive and prosper. Our mission is to:-

  • Offer technological services and support for students, faculty, and staff;
  • Deliver programs to improve competitive skills in students for basic math, reading, communication, and personality development skills. We will also conduct student development programs and services designed to help students identify educational and career goals, set realistic career paths, and develop skills necessary to achieve intellectual and personal growth
  • Grant opportunities for students to develop a global perspective through the introduction of a special curriculum with international and multicultural applications along with the curriculum of a regular degree program;
  • Advance cultural and personal enrichment programs for the college and community members, and promote inter-collegiate competition opportunities for students. We will furnish support services for the intellectual and personal development of all S S College students and also foster a comprehensive and enriching program of extracurricular activities including opportunities to participate in various college level competitions organised by SS College and another such type of social and educational platforms.


Our Mission :

SS College, Chirawa engages in a process of self and community reflection that would lead us to recognize and heighten awareness of the core values we and our institution have articulated, to seek agreement about those values, and to develop an institutional culture that holds itself accountable to those values.

  • Community education activities and programs that complement, enhance, and contribute to the growth and enrichment of students and the community, both inside and outside of the classroom we will conduct special community education programs for various fields of current need and that encourage learning at every stage of life and encourage opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Academic programs and services that provide supplemental support to both teaching and learning which will increase career development support for students, faculty, and staff through career exploration with the help counseling, job preparation, job opportunities, and academic and classified staff development;
  • Collaborate and develop linkage with education institutes of high calibre, business houses, industries, governmental agencies and research centres for the development of a scientific approach in the students at the college level so that students can do better in the field of research and develop a student to meet the changing needs of the market place and prepare him in such a manner that he can contribute in of  growth his family, state, nation, and mother earth.

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